Rah Digga's Straight Spittin Battle Rap App - A History Lesson

Rah Digga's Straight Spittin battle rap app will go down in history as the world's first ever mobile platform that allowed aspiring battle rap MCs from all over the world to battle each other live directly from their mobile phone. Developed in 2010 by Appalachian Apps in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, it pushed the underground battle rap and hip hop scene to an elevation that would not be fully realized until nearly a decade later. Described as "Grind Time for your phone," Straight Spittin won awards from AT&T, Microsoft, and Nokia in the very early stages of mobile development. Numerous companies imitated the platform after seeing our success, some quite honorably, and even just recently in May 2019, the Ultimate Rap League (URL) launched their very own subscription based app in an effort to preserve the culture.

As one of the original developers of Straight Spittin, and a long time supporter of battle rap, I hope to see URL truly utilize their mobile platform in not only helping them expand outside of YouTube, but by bringing features to foster talent and give opportunities to those who are truly hungry and want to battle on the only stage that matters. Numerous battle rappers that started out on the Straight Spittin platform have already achieved that success, and for me, that was all I ever wanted to see happen with the platform. Yes, heads really went from battling on an app to the URL stage, just like how Conceited started on the Let's Beef forum.

Straight Spittin was shutdown in 2013 and Verses MC was launched shortly after in an attempt to give supporters what they wanted by offering entirely new opportunities through cash prize tournaments and working directly with numerous battle rap leagues and supporters of the culture. We even briefly had our own live taped league and numerous other battle rappers from the platform have also created their own leagues. In April 2019, the Verses MC app met the same fate as Straight Spittin and was shutdown.

In June 2019, I saw that the straightspittin.com domain was available and decided to buy it in order to archive a piece of mobile battle rap history. When the domain first expired in 2013, someone from China bought it and tried to sell it back to me for $5k...They let it expire and I got it back for $10

I do plan to eventually dig up any old battles, interviews, artwork, etc. that I can find on old hard drives and post them up here for any of the old heads who may happen to stumble upon this site. If you were a member of Straight Spittin or Verses MC and just want to say something hit me up at relik@undergroundunheard.com and check back in the future for updates. Massive respect to all of the supporters throughout the years!